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Hi scrappy friends!  Emma on the blog today to share my next mini-album.  I just love making these little books.  I’ve been hoarding pieces of You Rock specifically so I could use it in this mini album 😉

This mini is about Zack’s second year playing junior football and I have to preface this by letting you know it’s not quite finished..  You see, as I was putting it together, Zack totally surprised me by asking if he could put the “stories” in the book this year.  Umm, YES!!! How awesome is that?!  Makes my scrappy-heart so happy when he flips through the pages/albums I make, but doubly so when he actually asks to contribute in making it!  So to make a long story short, his “stories” are not quite ready but soon as he’s finished they’ll be printed onto tags that tuck in behind the photos (per his request).

I went with a 4×4 album for the base of my album (I have a habit of buying them whenever I see them on sale…) and used the plastic pockets for the majority of my pages.  I’ve learned that some mini albums need to be a little hardier than others (little hands can be a little rough) and the pockets protect everything perfectly.

On the spine I used some of the sticker alpha’s from Made of Awesome (because they’re small enough to fit, ha!) and then just popped one of the chipboard stars down the bottom.

The actual album format is very similar to what I did last year – each week is separated by a tab and I’ve used various alpha stickers to number each tab (Round one, two, etc).

For my tabs I cut patterned paper into 2 x 2/2.5 inch wide strips and just folded them over in the middles – then I stitched them straight to the edges of my plastic pockets.  Originally they were much wider because I had planned on having them poke out the sides of the album but after I’d finished stitching them all on, I didn’t like it (always the way!) so I just used scissors to cut them down which is why some of the words are cut in half.  I thought the words being chopped would bug me but I strangely enough, I like how it looks!

I love sequin pockets so you can bet I had to include one in this mini (I think almost all my mini albums have some kind of sequin pocket, haha).  I used the yellow sequins from Made of Awesome and just added a few black sequins from my stash (yellow and black are our team colours).

I’m sure I’ve said this before but adding all the embellishments to a page is my favourite part of the process and there are so many amazing pieces in the You Rock collection.  I’ve used a piece from almost all of it throughout this little book and I love how it finished up.

The sticker sheets definitely got a work out throughout this album; I ended up using the sticker labels from quite a few collections because I ran out of the ones from You Rock hah!

I love all the word phrases from the sticker sheets and ended up putting them everywhere 😉  In this mini I’ve actually stuck most of my embellishments directly on top of my plastic pocket rather than the photo itself (which also made it super easy to move things around if I changed my mind, haha).

(I love the photo below – it’s the biggest and smallest of our team this year – Zack was always messing around with Lachlan, he may be small but he knows exactly how to get Zack back…double-fold, every.single.time!)

I did include a little journaling – each week the coach would send out a little report about the game so I just printed it out and stuck it to some plain 3×4 journal cards that I had in my stash.  Once Zack has finished typing up his part I will print it onto tags and he wants me to tuck those behind the photo’s (although depending on how much he types, I may put some of it on the back of the 3×4 cards!).

Although the main reason for using plastic pockets in this album is to protect it (the kids tend to flip through them and sometimes the paper rips 😉 – super happy they look through them but I want the albums to last too!), I found the process of putting this little book together to be easier than usual which is a major win in my book.  I tend to fuss  about the tiniest little details so anything that makes that process faster (like going with 4×4 photos that just slide into pockets!) is a win for me.  Add to that that I stuck with the You Rock collection and the album was pure joy to create.  I can’t wait for Zack to complete his part so we can finish it off 🙂

And here’s a quick little flip through the full album 🙂

Thanks so much for joining me on the blog today – hope this might help inspire you to try creating your own mini-album using the You Rock collection, it’s perfect for it!  Take care, Em xo


About the Author:

Emma lives in country Victoria and shares her home with her parents and her son, Zack (who, she says "you'll see in almost all of my layouts"). During the day she works full-time as a Project Manager for a signage company and most nights you'll find her sitting in her craft room, listening to 80's music (no laughing!) and creating something...or maybe on the computer surfing Pinterest. Emma has been scrapbooking for almost 6 years, and says " I can't imagine not spending my time in this craft, it truly makes me happy". Outside of crafting Emma has a huge love of (not necessarily in order) coffee, reading, Pinterest, long drives, Sunday markets, singing loudly (completely out of tune), taking photos and most importantly, her family. Oh, did we mention she loves coffee? And donuts. Preferably together.

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